5 Hustle Commandments

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The Hustle 180 Podcast - EP: 005 | 5 Hustle Commandments

5 hustler commandments

Selling, marketing, and promoting online is NOT a get rich quick scheme! And anyone who tells you it is, is FULL OF IT! Thousands of entrepreneurs put in countless hours of work in to present products and services they believe can be useful to the world.  It’s my belief that all entrepreneurs should have a code or list of rules (or commandments) they work by in doing the best for there customers everyday. Here is just my core 5 Hustle Commandments I think anyone in business should think about using as a baseline.


Listen up, your experience and your hustler style is completely unique! Never undersell this aspect of your business or yourself. Too many times entrepreneurs try to follow the “ABC’s” of doing things the plain jane, “normal” expected way. What the hell is unique about that? I’ll tell you… Absolutely nothing. What these people fail to recognize and use to their online advantage is their complete uniqueness in the world. No one has experienced or learned the same exact things as you and this is what you need to use – it’s a built in advantage you already have and can use at will! A “In-My-Eye” approach to your tribe will resonate with the important ones you want to connect with, and if they don’t get you… SO WHAT? Who cares? Just keep it moving because they are probably weren’t ready for you any damn way!


Along with keeping it movin’, you also need to keep it “real”. Commandment #2 is to keep it real and practice what you preach! It is always important to remember that wealth is a marathon, and not a sprint! Don’t underestimate others, be it your partners in business, your competition, or your consumers, because they are way smarter than you will ever realize! Many people, including the ones you will encounter in business have a built-in bullshit detector. There is no room in the world for people who talk shit about things they’ve never experienced themselves. They DO trust and do business with people who they relate with and can follow easily, this is why keepin’ it real is on this list of Commandments!


The online & offline business is a dog-eat-dog place, as mentioned before, never underestimate your audiences intelligence and ALWAYS be on your game !!!

Set the bar high in everything you do, if your not constantly trying to better yourself, your ideas, or your company, rest assured that someone who is much more driven than you will. You need to be an inspiration! Give them something to aspire to EVERY DAY, it will also give you the motivation to always set yourself up for success everyday! When you learn to “get yourself right”, your tribe will want to do the same! But don’t stop there.


Commandment #4 is connecting EVERYWHERE not with everyone. You should think of connections as “social currency”.  True Online Hustlers may not connect to everyone all the time, and that’s something you’ve got to realize right now. That’s why you need to make it easy for all of the right people to do. The value of these connections is incalculable, so be sure to leave your mark everywhere so when that are ready to follow and listen to you, they can do it with ease!




The end all be all of this list of Commandments is the most straightforward.

Please!!! do NOT fuck with peoples’ time OR money. It’s completely logical when you stop and think about it, isn’t it? You wouldn’t want your own time wasted, or to feel like your money was, because wasting someone’s money is also wasting the precious time put in to earn it. You must always value them as your own, so this should be a step easy to accomplish! If you strive to over-deliver you will create a tribe with integrity and wealth for years to come! 


Hopefully my hustle commandments have stated the obvious to you, and this was not as obvious as I hoped, maybe it will help start to GET YOUR HUSTLE ON in a new light! – “O”